The leading movie industry in Africa

As a Nigerian and as a member of Cinedhec I am proud to present the movie industry in my country. The Nollywood.
The leading Movie industry in AFRICA today is none other than Nigeria’s own Nollywood. Obviously coined from the name Holly wood in America and Bolly wood in India. Today Nollywood ranks third in the movie industry after Hollywood (USA) and Bollywood (India). It has been able to hold its own despite so many deterrents, which to name a few include, expensive technical tools of the trade, inconsistent supply of electricity (which is taken for granted in almost every other country in the world), the horrible traffic-jam conditions which can lead to extreme lateness in production times (but the « show must go on »!)

Nollywood movies are made on shoestring budgets ranging from $10,000 to $15,000 a piece spanning 7 to 10 days. This is an incredibly short jam packed production time by all standards.
What makes the industry so unique is that it is a video driven industry, you don’t have people pirating by downloading on websites so artistes, actors and producers make good fortunes from Video CD sales (Nigerian refer to the movies as « home video) .But in as much as you don’t have internet driven piracy, mass dubbing and illegal dubbing Piracy is still a major problem.
One out of every two African knows a star in the Nigerian movie Industry, the Nigerian movie industry is therefore estimated to be worth a whooping 250 million dollars. It is obviously a very viable market for anyone interested in the cinema industry but unfortunately we have few people looking into this area particularly in Africa. If only we have more technically sound directors and more sophisticated equipments, we will surely be doing much better.
Here is the trailers of Hit Nollywood movie, Black Gold

Have a Nollywood filled weekend !

I hereby look forward to the Day Nollywood Industry would be the leading Movie industry.

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